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Light Body Meditation Chain

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LIGHT BODY ACTIVATEs during an intense part of your meditation. With a combination of breath-work & visualization your Aura becomes a grid-work of light that shaped in sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates electromagnetically energy that links your consciousness with your divine mind- which taps into the multidimensional self with the infinite inner & outer universe. Becoming conscious of the power of each individual cell in your body, & recognizing its power no different than the stars our galaxy.

Mystical traditions knew that everything is energy: billions of molecules each acting as their own cosmos. As nothing in this world is just physical, it’s this culmination of constantly moving energy creating matter. Knowing how to use form optimally was the work of the sages, and is now becoming the practices of the awakened collective.


β€œLight Body Meditation Chain”
-2x2 inch pendant
-Franco Chain
-18k Gold/Black Plated