Our Story

I spent 12yrs (a slave) working at the post office in Harlem NY. Although I was making a guaranteed 70k/yr with full benefits & even one of the easiest routes at his station I still wasn't satisfied. I told myself, "The post office is one of the hardest jobs in America. It’s a miracle how the mail & packages get delivered every day. You got to deal with management, customers & bad weather. No way, I’m retiring with good mental health."  

One good thing about working in Harlem NY is you’re surrounded by culture and knowledge. After work I'd go to classes, lectures & debates. Even during work after I finish my route I would hang out on 125th & listen to the Gods drop jewels across from the Apollo Theater. I knew I was destined to be here but being a mailman wasn’t my destiny, it was only a stepping stone to my destiny.

It seemed like all the teachers I looked up to knew everything, yet were struggling financially. I always wanted to help lift my people up, but I wasn’t down to be no poor righteous teacher (no offense to the Gods & Earths). Shit, I liked being fly. I used to swag the shit out my uniform. I just took my love for fashion & combined it with my passion for ancient culture and came up w/ Ancient Aura Jewelry. I thought "why can’t I drop jewels & sell jewels at the same time?"

Shit wasn’t easy & I already had 2 failed businesses under my belt. But 2 years later I was making more money in my business than I was at my job. For a while I was doing both, I thought I was caking 💸. I went from living check to check, to forgetting it was payday. But, I was tired & had no time for my family or myself - something had to give. I made my decision after my father passed. He just retired a year ago from working 37yrs at a city job and here I am 12 yrs into a city job. It made it very clear of my genetic destiny, if I continued down the path of a pay-checker. “Work-Retire-Graveyard”, I didn’t want that to be my story. I said peace ✌🏾to the post office & gave up my health benefits, pension, & guaranteed check to enter the jungle of entrepreneurship. Now, my business is making 5X’s my annual post office salary.

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