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Gye Nyame Adinkra Chain

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"GYE NYANE AdinkraΒ Chain"
-1.25 x 1.25 invh pendant
-Franco Chain
-18k Gold/Silver Plated


Gye Nyame is a symbol expressing the omnipotence of God.

Gye Nyame is arguably the most popular Adinkra symbol and expresses the deep faith the Akans have in the Supreme Being. The following names and titles given to the Supreme Being illustrate how he is perceived in Akan thought: OnyameΒ  or Nyame, meaning the one who satisfies; OnyankopΙ”n or Nyankopon, meaning the unique and great one; and TwereduampΙ”n, meaning the great dependable one.

In the Akan scheme of things, God (Nyame) is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

Gye Nyame has become an icon of all Adinkra, encapsulating the faith of an African people who see God’s involvement in every aspect of human life.