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"Every piece that I have ever purchased speaks to me on different levels. I absolutely love this jewelry." - Joanne S.


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"I love my piece! Words can't explain. Have received mad compliments!" - Orlando H.


Verified Purchase

"I love my ring! But then again I love every piece I’ve bought from Ancient Aura!!! The packaging is beautiful and shipping is fast." - Cassandra H.


Little Ankh Gold Necklace


LITTLE ANKH Gold Necklace

-Pendant: Size 3cm x 0.9cm
-Chain: Type Twisted Singapore Chain
-Length: 45cm
-Metals: 24k Gold Plated over Zinc Aolly



The "ANKH" is an ancient Egyptian(Kemetian) symbol that has many multi dimensional meanings in which all implicated "ETERNAL LIFE FORCE". Usually, used in ceremonies and represented in hieroglyphics as the masculine healing rays of the sun, or the feminine purification of water. On each level you will find that "The Eternal Life Force Energy" is prevalent in each one. 

The most common explanation is that the ANKH represents the symbol of how the female & male union creates life. The oval, representing the feminine womb ,  the bottom straight line represents the male phallic upright staff, & the cross representing the ovaries/eggs/expansion of life.

Symbol of polarity & contrast: masculine & feminine, Yin & Yang, electricity & magnetism, light & dark, ect...

Polarity & Contrast creates friction - friction creates energy - energy creates movement - movement creates space - space creates time - time creates growth/evolution. This is the purpose & cycle of Eternal Life. 

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If you have any questions with your order please email us at or call 1-833-777-AURA(2872)

Ancient Aura Jewelry

PO BOX 37024,

Elmont NY 11003