Olmec Head Chain

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-Pendant Size:  1.5 inches wide * 2inches Long
-Gender: Men
-Chain Type: 28inch 6mm Cuban Link Chain
-Length: 28!inch
-Metals Type: Brass W/ 18k Gold Plated

- Carefully crafted 18K PVD plated in real Gold

- Each Pendant comes with a 18k PVD gold plated cuban style chain

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- Won't discolor skin or crack

- Gold Plating has a 2yr guarantee

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-Every order comes with a Ancient Aura black velvet pouch

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Black History in America does not start with slavery:

The "Olmec Tribe" is the oldest civilization in America. Archeologist named them the Olmecs meaning "rubber people", because there were the 1st people they found that made rubber soles for their shoes & play games with a rubber ball. They were originally the Dogan Tribe, who migrated here from Mali, NorthWest Africa around 1000 BC. 

The Olmecs settled in Mexico, & are known for there colossal head sculptures. Each colossal head is carved out of one piece of rock, about 9ft tall, & weighs around 24tons. About 22 of these heads are found all over North & South America. Olemc's also built many of the pyramids in the Americas. And, what we know as the "Myan Calendar", is really the "Olmec Calendar". The "Red Man", or what we know as the Indian, didn't exist in America until the Chinese from Asia migrated here & mixed with the Olmecs. The Olmecs are the Fathers to all Native American civilizations. 

But, the Olmecs didn't disappear they later became Washitaws, Cherokee, Freedman, Tunica, Seminoles, ect... Or, what we would call "Black Indians". Most of the people in these tribes became "POW's(Prisoners Of War)", & became the first slaves. Others became known as Moors(Black People), made treaties with the European's. They taught them Freemasonry, government,  helped fight the British for for U.S. independence, & even helped write the Constitution which established the United States of America.


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If you have any questions with you order please email us at help.ancientaura@gmail.com or call 1-833-777-AURA(2872)

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