The Olmec's Xi

1. The Olmecs date back to the archaic period
2. The Olmec civilization parallels the dynastic periods of Egypt
3. The Olmecs were not Paleosiberians or evolving Neanderthal
4. Evidence points to the Olmecs being of African ancestry

Skeletons have also been unearthed in pre-Columbian layers in the valley of the Pecos River that flows through Texas and New Mexico and empties into the Rio Grande in the Gulf of Mexico. Professor Hooton, a physical anthropologist concluded: "The Pecos skull resemble most closely the crania of Negro groups coming from Africa where Negroes commonly have some perceptible infusion of Hamatic blood." Professor Hooton refers to 'Hamatic' blood. Hamatic blood is the blood of the Negroid, since Ham (Shemites) were of the dark seed which were forbidden to interbreed with the Canaanites. The word "Ham" translates as "black" in biblical Aramaic. Finds like these in addition to the Negroid style heads forces us to consider the parallels between ancient America and Africa. However, historians dismissed these similarities as mere coincidence. Archeologist on the other hand, concluded that the Olmecs who sculptured these monoliths have been shown to be absolute masters of realistic portraiture and did not arrive at the distinctive Negroid features by accident. It is also noted that there could not possibly be a coincidence of stylization of a distinct people with facial features and characteristics, which separates them from the features and characteristics of all other races on the planet.

There can be no room for geographical coincidence that the very period when the Negroid appeared in Mexico that the first pyramid, mummies, and hieroglyphics begin to appear in Meso America as well. Is it a coincidence that the Teotihucacan head of pre-Columbian Mexico greatly resembles early Mandigo clay heads and Nigerian images? Many of the historians today thus have conformed to the speculation of the Olmec monolith heads; they cannot explain the representation of the Negroid.

By: Jermaine Broadnax aka 48Laws757

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