Hamsa So Icy Necklace

Chain Type:
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Hamsa So Icy Chain
Pendant Size: 1.5 inch Pendant 
Material: 18k White Gold Plated/CZ stones
Chain type: Rope Chain
The Hamsa is a palm shaped amulet thought to have originated from Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. The amulet is very popular in the Middle East and throughout North & Northwestern Africa. The Hamsa amulet is said to aid in invoking the “hand of God” or to protect against the “evil eye”.
The Hamsa plays different roles in each religion.
- In Hebrew, Hamsa is called Hamesh (five).
- In Islam, it is called the hand of Fatima (Named after the founder, Muhammad's believed to be daughter Fatima).
- In Judaism, it is called the hand of Miriam (Named after Moses’s sister, symbolizing the hand of God).
- In Buddhism it represents the five elements (from thumb to pinky: fire - solar plexus chakra, air - heart chakra, ethereal - throat chakra, earth - root chakra, and water - sacral chakra)
- In Christianity it is called the hand of mother Mary (named after Jesus Christ's mother).
Wear this piece with confidence knowing this symbol is guaranteed by various religions and customs to protect the wearer so rest assured this is a good investment!
Amethyst/Citrine Hamsa Bundles
Both amethyst and citrine are crystals known all across the world for their beautiful look and the energy they bring into your life. Amethyst is known to help with staying calm and having balance in your life, as it is used as a stress reliever to allow your body to get rid of the negative energy it contains.
Citrine is said to be of best assistance when it comes to joy and confidence. Citrine also helps with your creativity, protecting you from negative energies, and bringing wealth and fortune to your lifestyle. No matter which crystal is used both will help to bring a step forward in your life!
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If you have any questions with you order please email us at help.ancientaura@gmail.com or call 1-833-777-AURA(2872)

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