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"GOD BODY Chain"
-1.25x1.5 inch pendant
-Franco Chain
-18k Gold Plated/ Gun Metal(Black)


The Five-Percent Nation, sometimes referred to as the NGE(Nation of Gods and Earths), is a movement that sprung from the NOI(Nation Of Islam). There is where they coined the term β€œGod Body”. The founder of NGE- Father Allah, left the NOI after a dispute with Elijah Muhammadover over his teaching that the white man was the devil, yet he was not teaching that the Black man was God. Father Allah instead taught that the Black man was himself God personified.
That concept has spread in most β€œNew Age” spiritual systems that teaches that God didnt create the universe, yet it became the universe. Therefore, theΒ  creator and creation are one in the same.