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Flower of Life Earrings

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Flower of Life Tassel Earrings
The 'Flower of Life' contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the 'Great Void'. All life, & materialized thought goes through this pattern.
Many see in the Flower of Life a symbol that depicts the cycle of creation. This symbol shows that all life and consciousness arises from one source.
The next 6 circles are identical with the cell division process. Therefore, the Flower of Life is seen as a model of God’s Creation. The name β€œFlower of Life” stems not from a flower imagery but from the cycle of a fruit tree.
When observing this cycle we can see that the tree grows flower buds and these eventually transform into fruit (pear, cherry and so on). The fruit carries
the seed within and when the fruit falls on the ground these seeds eventually create new trees. This is the cycle which turns from tree to flower to fruit and tree again. It’s fantastic and reveals the miracle of life.
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