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Black Buddha Obsidian Chain

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BLACK BUDDHA Obsidian Chain
-100% ObsidianπŸŒ‹(naturally volcanic glass).
-22 inch Beaded Chain
Buddhism started in th India where the 1st inhabitants were Black people who had migrated from Ethiopia 50,000 yrs ago, establishing the "Indus Valley Civilization". Buddhism originated from the Sakya Clan of the Naga Race, & was about a man on earth who preached & personified the great principles of equality & liberty. Its discipline & lessons caused the Nagas to become conscious of the power of mind over body. Buddha was never a name of one particular man, but was a title meaning Enlightened One, Blessed One, or to Become awake. Over the centuries, there have been several recorded Buddhas. Black Buddhist missionaries introduced Buddhism to China, Japan, & other countries throughout the East.
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