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"Every piece that I have ever purchased speaks to me on different levels. I absolutely love this jewelry." - Joanne S.


Verified Purchase

"I love my piece! Words can't explain. Have received mad compliments!" - Orlando H.


Verified Purchase

"I love my ring! But then again I love every piece I’ve bought from Ancient Aura!!! The packaging is beautiful and shipping is fast." - Cassandra H.


Anubis ANPU Ring


Anubis Anpu Ring

-Antique Gold Plated/Stainless Steel

-Stainless Steel

-Sizes 9-12



Guide for the Dead- this characteristic of nature is personified as a dog because he is the guide for the blind, protector of the unknown, guardian of the gate in the afterlife.

Anpu is the bastard child of Nebt-Het (Nephthys), born of her clandestine union with Asar (Osiris) but raised as the son of Suti (Set). As he grew to manhood it became obvious that Anpu was not of Suti's seed , showing a streak of compassion that could only be attributed to the blood of his true father Asar. Anpu was cast out when his true nature was discovered, and left to his own solitary devices.

Now the haunter of dark and lonely places, a wanderer through the shadow-realm between life and death, Anpu bears witness to the darker side of mortality. He seeks out those lost souls who find themselves without guidance after their demise. All who die will eventually find themselves in the presence of this enigmatic god, who silently will lead them away from this world and to the gates of the next.


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If you have any questions with your order please email us at or call 1-833-777-AURA(2872)

Ancient Aura Jewelry

PO BOX 37024,

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