Friday The 13th

Friday & the number 13 has always been feared in the Western World because it deals with the chaotic power of the "Divine Feminine". Within chaos & confusion all possibilities are open.
Friday is associated with the planet Venus. The 2nd planet closest to the sun, Venus has feminine attributes that deal with love and materialization.
The number "13" is the number of the moon. The moon has 13 cycles, or rotations around the earth. Most ancient cultures followed the lunar calendar. The Chinese still follow the lunar calendar & consider 13 to be a lucky number. Hence the Chinese New Year starts on a New Moon. The sun(father) is the largest extraterrestrial body in our solar system & is associated with the number 12. It provides energy & feeds our bodies essential vitamins. But, the moon(mother) is still our closet neighbor. Therefore, it nurtures the imagination(water) & spirit(emotion). The moon is magical and helps us birth our ideas into fruition.